With a high admiration for methods from the past, The House of HODAKOVA aims to create a utilitarian culture for the conventional. By converting old materials into luxurious goods, stories are told through portraits of time.

Hodakova is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 2021 by Ellen Hodakova Larsson.

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Vogue Article
March 3, 2022

“Texture is a big theme of the fall 2022 season, and Larsson addressed this using upcycled shearlings. The result was pieces that felt bulky and somehow mired in a sepia-colored past, which the brand is generally able to steer clear of.

The contrast between those faded wooly looks and the sport tech ones, made using donations from the Swedish sustainable outdoor company Houdini, was vast. The rawness the shearling might have been intended to convey was better communicated through Larsson’s decision to show her hand in the clothes, using leather strings to whipstitch seams on a jacket and ingenious gaiters made of woven leather belts, a Hodakova signature.”

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